Continuing Education
for Urology & GU Oncology Clinicians

Digital Science Press, Inc. offers UroTodayCE as a complement to the site. All information on both sites is developed and delivered by leading researchers and clinicians across the multidisciplinary team. The care of patients with Genitourinary (GU) malignancies has changed dramatically in the last decade and the pace of change is continuing to increase with the rapid emergence of novel treatments and companion diagnostics. Through UroTodayCE, urologists, oncologists nuclear medicine physicians, radiation oncologists, and other healthcare providers can stay up to date with the use and impact of the latest progress in novel therapies and multidisciplinary strategies that are improving patient outcomes. Moreover, this site provides rapid access to expert insights on treatment strategies based on available clinical data and the changing processes in clinical care. Continuing education permits the entire multidisciplinary healthcare team to continue the study and learnings necessary to maintain leading-edge knowledge and professional excellence.


Gina B. Carithers is the Founder and CEO of UroToday - GUOncToday, the UroToday International Journal, Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights, and UroTodayCE, all Digital Science Press publications. UroToday was launched in 2003 to establish an accessible platform designed to continuously change in our drive to stay at the forefront of the dynamic field of Genitourinary diseases and treatments. UroToday offers content from conferences, publications, state of the art peer-to-peer lectures and conversations, and a listing of GU Oncology actively recruiting clinical trials. With over 20 years at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Ms. Carithers acquired a diversified experience in the commercialization strategies of pharmaceuticals. For the past 19 years, she has been committed to developing innovative approaches to deliver the relevant content for interdisciplinary healthcare providers to be at the forefront of the dynamic areas of GU oncology, GU radiation oncology, and urology. I remain passionate about continually improving our deliverables and inspired by the brilliant, committed, courageous, and focused medical practitioners who are contributors to the platform.